Mr. Dawesteniel "Da" L.Director/Piano Teacher


Dawesteniel has a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Music education from Nova Southeastern University. He began to play the Piano at the age of seven. He is currently the Music Director of the church where he attends. He is also the Maestro of a musical band name Melodi GS.

Da started to work as a piano teacher in 2000. He has over a decade of experience teaching piano. Da’s goal, as a piano teacher, is to share his love for music and playing the piano with each student. All lessons are uniquely tailored to fit each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Da is well liked by both students and parents for his infectious enthusiasm when conducting his piano lessons, and dedication in imparting his music skills to his students. He is also has experience teaching children with special needs, and trained in person-centered planning with children, adults and families.