“Great school.   My kids have been attending for a few years and it had been a great experience.   They have grown as musicians and as people.  Furthermore, learning to read music correlated to my daughter’s improved grades!!  Great school with great teachers!!!”

Kevin McLeroy

“Never knew of this school until my sister found it. It’s amazing. My niece is learning so much. I’m truly thinking of enrolling my son.”

Tasha Artis

“Great school. My son and my daughter are currently attending the school. Their teacher, Mr. Bradley is awesome. My wife and I can’t wait to start voice sessions with them. Highly recommended.”

Louvens Fils Aime

“It is a great school! My daughter looks forward to going to her lessons every Tuesday. They are like a family! I highly recommend this school.”

Ny Ny

“My niece is taking piano at Da’s music and what a change it has brought to her. Not only can she play the piano without looking at the notes in a book but it has taught her discipline and she made friends. Great music school and very friendly staff.”

Kennei Meeks

“The best music school in town!
The teachers are great and the staff is cool.”

Esther Pierre

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Address: 20817 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens FL 33169
Phone: (954) 997-4748